Why is the showroom By Appointment?? 

In short: in order to best serve all of our customers.


We are a small team of two here at Stowe Tile & Stone.

The two of us manage all of the responsibilities that come with

owning our own small business.

Having some control of scheduling helps us to best serve YOU! 

We work with designers, contractors, tile installers, and

homeowners, near and far.

Through our years of experience, we have learned that appointments

 help us to best meet the expectations of all of our clients. 

In making an appointment you secure private access to our full collection

of tile, as well as one-on-one design expertise and product knowledge.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation & understanding!

Call to Schedule an Appointment Today! 

-Showroom Hours-


  By Appointment 

Monday - Friday

- Holiday Closures 

Summer Break - July 2-9


59 W Hill Road

Stowe, VT 05672